Project abstract

IMPLEMENT refers to the valorization with maximum efficiency of the advanced results of high-level scientific research, with immediate applicability in the complex and vast field of Cultural Heritage. The project builds tools for corroborating experimental data and knowledge handled by scientific research institutes, profile universities and public institutions responsible for cultural patrimony management. Tools, which together with the joint work on case studies, will strengthen the research capacity, quality level, rigor imposed on interventions, and which likewise validate ongoing research. The project is innovative in concept also due to the development of new laboratories for new areas and functions, such as underwater archaeology, aerial investigation laboratories, new services of the mobile laboratory for control of biodegradations, and more. The entire program is, through its very content, a school for training restorers and conservators - valence which will be implemented at the three partner universities and presented as a validated offer.

Project objective
The overall objective of the complex project is the valorization of competitive scientific research by implementation in the field of heritage conservation and restoration. The main specific objectives that the project pursues, essential for the sustainable improvement of conservation and restoration practice, are: (1) valorization and dissemination of the knowledge and of the research results; (2) technical assistance and scientific and technological services in the Heritage priority area; (3) initiating and developing of viable collaborations with partners from the public and private economic domain; (4) increasing international engagement and visibility.

Estimated results
The main performance indicators are: generating jobs in research supported by the program (ENI); national and international patent applications; new or significantly improved products / technologies / services developed and transferred to the economic field; structuring of the offers for research services and technological services on www.erris.gov.ro platform; consolidating the capacity of institutions that presents opportunities for recovery through education/training sessions and work visits; research services provided through the use of the research infrastructure available for the project implementation.

Research grant number: PN-III-P1-1.2-PCCDI-2017-0878
Project duration: 40 months
Funding agency: The Executive Unit for Financing Higher Education, Research, Development and Innovation (UEFISCDI)
Funding program: P1 - Development of the national CD system, Subprogramme 1.2 Institutional performance, Complex projects carried out in RDI consortia (PCCDI)
Project coordinator: National Institute for Research and Development in Optoelectronics - INOE 2000

P1 - National Institute of Heritage
P2 - The University of Art and Design in Cluj-Napoca
P3 - National Research and Development Institute for Textiles and Leather
P4 - Bucharest National University of Arts
P5 - "Dunărea de Jos" University of Galaţi

Component projects
Project 1
Exploitation and development of research infrastructure authorized for services in restoration and conservation of cultural assets
Project 2 Implementation of the scientific research results and granting of technical assistance for cultural operators through the development of working procedures and monitoring programs
Project 3 Training and higher professional qualification in the field of restoration-conservation of cultural assets though the exploitation of infrastructure and though the valorization and dissemination of the research results
Project 4 Valorization through innovation and dissemination of knowledge and research results within the field of restoration-conservation of textiles and collagen based materials
Project 5 Valorization through innovation and dissemination of knowledge and research results within the field of restoration-conservation of stone and mural painting